7 Effective Strategy to Set and Achieve Your Highest Value Goals

7 Effective Strategy to Set and Achieve Your Highest Value Goals

Strategy # 1: Build the Habits of Success Early On

Success is achievement. It is doing specific thing that you have set as a goal to make it real. The key to success is having a clear definition about what is success all about. When you know what to do then you will be able to use your time to do what should be done. When you don’t know specifically what to do about your time, then your life will be like a ship without a rudder. It is crucial to know what exactly the purpose of your life and take the necessary step to fulfill that purpose. Knowing your potential and do something specific to make that potential a reality is your goal.

Human is a creature of habits. You will reap what you sow through your habits. That is why it is crucial to build the habit of success early in life or from now on. Since habits are what you repeatedly doing – then your goal is to build the habit that move you toward the right direction. Focus and concentrate to build the habit of setting and achieving highest value goals without any distraction. What are your highest value goals? What should you do to achieve those goals quickly and successfully?

Priority setting is the first thing to do before you do anything else to make sure that you focus and concentrate on things that matter most first-thing-first. You don’t want to be busy doing things which are belong to the category of low value activities while there are still so many high value tasks which are not done yet. Deliberately eliminating all low value activities is your key strategy to make sure that you have enough time to get the highest value tasks done. Building the habit of doing highest value tasks early in the morning for at least 3 hours – and then adding 5 hours during the day – is the strategy to quickly achieve your goal. Habitually spending 8 hours a day doing things that matter most in life will actually transform your life within relatively short period of time.

Strategy # 2: Use Scrumban Method to Create and Release Your First Products and Services

Scrum and Kanban are effective business method to get things done that can be used in your personal life. Instead of the traditional method of setting big goal and do whatever you can to start achieving them you can use the combination of Scrum and Kanban to achieve your goal. Scrum is mostly used to quickly create and release software products. Kanban use the pull method to focus only one thing at a time instead of focusing on too many things that can distract the attention. Combining Scrum and Kanban can be the most effective way of setting and achieving your highest value goals.

Now for example you want to create and publish an application. Using the scrum method your first goal is to create the simplest application that you can deliver as quickly as possible to the market instead of creating a perfect product upfront that take much longer time to complete. When you have created and delivered your first product then you quickly initiate the improvement of that product to release the second edition of your product. You aim for several minor improvement that can be done within short period of time. The second edition of the product is quickly release to the market. Then you concentrate again for another minor improvements that can be deliver within short period of time as the third edition of the products. You keep on improving the products within through many edition until what you consider minor improvement are actually major improvement of the products that can make huge difference when they are released to the market.

How about the Kanban method? The Kanban is the pull method to ensure that you focus only of few things to do instead of too many things to do that create distraction. You pull only 3 or 4 things from your list which are the highest value tasks to do today then concentrate all your efforts to get these 3 or 4 tasks done successfully. When one task is done than you pull one task to your list to replace that one task that have been done.

How to combine scrum and Kanban? Combining these method is combining the effectiveness of both method. Scrum is usually used to build software. Kanban is the pull method which is usually used in manufacturing or retail. Combining the strength of quick product release and simple pull method to get the tasks done will multiply your productivity. Of course to actually apply this method you need to learn the details about how you can specifically apply both method to achieve your personal goals. Just googling for videos and ebooks that can help you to learn the specific detail Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban.

Strategy 3: Divide Big Goal into Small Achievable Tasks

What Is One Goal – If You Achieve It – Can Make Tremendous Difference to Your Life?

There are many things that you want to do and achieve in this life but there are only one key goal – if you achieve it – can make tremendous difference to your life. Pay the full attention to this one thing that can make huge difference in your life. Take immediate action to quickly achieve this key goal using all the resources that you have. Apply Scrumban method to quickly and successfully achieve this highest value goal.

If such goal is too big to achieve within sort period of time you can divide them into several easy to achieve tasks as part of that big goals. Divide the big goals into achievable ones. Organize your tasks so that when you get all the tasks done that the big goal – that is divided into those tasks – are automatically achieved. Choose 3 to 4 tasks from the list to get them done today and start working to get them done one by one. Take the new tasks to replace the tasks that you have successfully completed them. Keep on working until the big goals are accomplished. By divided big goal into small achievable tasks you will be able to get them done easily. Use spreadsheet to create and manage your list.

Always focus to achieve the hardest and most difficult highest value tasks first-thing-first before you start doing anything anything else. Eliminate all low value goals out of your list. Set only highest value goal that give you the motivation and energy to get things done. The discipline and habit of setting and achieving highest value goals will give you the greatest possible rewards for your time and efforts.

Strategy 4: Turn Problems Into Stepping Stones of Success

This strategy is effective because you will think about the blessing in disguise behind every of your problems. You will not get screw up by your problems because you can turn every problems into opportunities for something better. Resourcefulness is needed to see problems as opportunities. Think and solve that problems immediately. Focus on the solution of the problems instead of the problems itself. When you have solved that problems your skills and abilities in handling problems will automatically increase. Thus the blessing is in the form of improve skills and abilities in getting the tasks done. Problems on your products and services can also be seen as your opportunity to improve the quality of your products and services. Creativity and resourcefulness is the tool to turn problems into opportunities.

Strategy # 5: Set the Deadline About When Each Tasks Should Be Completed

Setting the deadline on when each tasks should be completed will help you to know the time frame of when your project will be completed. Be flexible with your deadline. It is not to restrict you but to enable you manage your time better. When you cannot achieve within the deadline you can set a new deadline. You can finish your project before deadline, within the deadline, or after the deadline. Deadline is only a time frame to manage project by dividing them into small tasks and set time time frame on when each tasks should be accomplished.

Deadline give you the sense of timing but it should not unnecessary restrict you to be always before the deadline. Just be realistic about your deadline as tools of targeted time frame so that you can manage your the use of your time in better way. When you are able to use deadline as time frame about when such projects, goals, and tasks are successfully completed then you have a sense of time that help you to be more accurate about when should be done and in how much time.

Strategy 6: Get All The Tasks Done Completely and Successfully

Excellence is not achieve by completing several tasks well but the others are done badly. Excellence is completing all the tasks quickly and successfully. When one task are done not quite well then you need to do something about it to improve it. Poorly done task is the opportunity to improve the way you get the task done so that you improve your skills and competencies in getting particular task done.

The key strategy to excellence is setting up standard quality on each task so that it is done within the predetermine achievable and acceptable quality. Excellence is also not a restriction by means of impossibility. When you set the standard too high that it is impossible to achieve then it is restriction not excellence. Just set the achievable quality standard for the present with the plan to improve it in the future when you have additional skills and abilities.

When you are able to complete all the tasks quickly and successfully within specific time frame, then you have invested your time well. Make sure that everyday are filled with works to complete all the tasks until the big project is quickly and successfully achieved. Achieving big highest value goal using small tasks achievement system that should be done daily without stopping is the key strategy to accelerate your progress.

Strategy 7: Failure is Not an Option – Apply Total Discipline, Consistency, and Persistence

This should be your approach and attitude when you are working to achieve particular goal: Applying total disciplined efforts consistently and persistently until the goal is achieved because failure is not an option. Apply this principle until you achieve that big highest value goals. Say no to failure. Say a big YES to success. Do whatever it takes to succeed. Never give up. Never stop. Be consistent in getting the highest value tasks done. Be persistence in turning problems into opportunities. Be highly disciplined in getting the tasks done until all the tasks are done completely and successfully.

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