Accept Total Responsibility to Shape How Your Life Will Be Like

total responsibility
total responsibility

You are right here in your current condition because what you have decided in the past. You cannot blame circumstances or any external condition to be responsible for your own life. You are the one who is responsible on why you are in your current condition of life and also on how your life will be like. The moment when you take complete responsibility instead of blaming others for whatever happen in your life is the time when you become the true you. By accepting total responsibility for your own life you are ready to shape what your life will be like. You accept 100 % of responsibility about what you are right now and also what you your life will be like. By accepting responsibility for your own life, you are ready to shape what your life will be like.

When you stop blaming others for the current condition of life then you are ready to be responsible for your future. When you accept 100 % of responsibility about what your future will be like than you start taking all the necessary action to shape your future. You are actually creating your future from what you are doing right now. The key strategy is then how to focus your action to get highest value tasks done. Disciplining yourself to use most of your time on value creation is a great start to shape your future destiny. Value your life and your loved ones by taking total responsibility in shaping the future through what you are doing right now.

Do All the Crucial Prevention Immediately

Prevention is better than cure. You need to take all the crucial action to prevent bad things from happening in your life. Do what you can to make sure that all kind of preemptive measure are immediately, diligently, and proactively, and seriously taken right now to prevent bad things from happening. Secure all your passwords using what you know is the most secure way to secure your passwords. Secure also all your tangible and intangible assets using all the means to make sure that all of your assets are secure.

Protects what you already have because you have incredible amount of time to get those assets. Another reasons for securing all your assets is because you want to give them to your future generation – to your sons and daughters or your loved ones. Remember that you are responsible for yourself and for all those who are within your circle of influences which can include all the members of your family. If you are a manager of a company your circle of influences is even bigger which include all who works in your company and to whom you are working for. Be a highly discipline person who do what you can to secure all the assets which are in your disposal.

Forgive and Forget

Forgiving other people might be difficult but it can be the most liberating to your soul, body, and even spirit. When you are forgiving others you throw away all the emotional burdens that have negative effects to your soul, body, and spirit. Forgiving is the act of mercy toward others knowing the fact you life must go on and you don’t want the burden of the past to weigh upon your journey toward the future.

You want to go toward the future freely and forgiving others give you emotional release of living without any needless burden of the past. Of course you take useful lessons from the past so that you will not making the same mistake again in the future. But carrying unnecessary burden of the past only weigh you down in your journey for a better future. You should live your life without any burden of the past by totally forgiving others for their mistakes. The act of totally forgiving others will liberate you emotionally.

Accept the Total Responsibility of Your Financial Problems

The next crucial step to start living the fullness of your life is by accepting total responsibility of your financial situation. You don’t want others to determine how your financial situation will be like. When you accept the total responsibility of your financial situation, then you have the freedom to shape how your financial situation will be like. When your current job or business is not giving you enough income to support your needs, then you can do something to increase your income. You can do better with your current job and even taking a new job if necessary. You can improve the way you run your current business or start a new business. Whatever you do, you do it responsibly. You are in charge of your current situation and you can do something about it to change your life.

Accepting total responsibility in your financial situation can also means that you are willing to work hard to achieve the highest value goals. You are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed financially. You are willing to wake up in the morning to get your highest value tasks done. And you are willing to work until late night to make sure that all the crucial tasks are successfully completed. Hard work will rewards your with much better outputs and therefore much better income to improve your financial situation. The fastest way to increase your income is through hard work to get the highest value tasks done.

Taking the total responsibility of your financial condition also means that you start taking massive action to develop your skills and competencies so that you can contribute more and therefore earn more. When you stop sharpening your skills and competencies you also stop your ability to contribute more. If you are in business you can create better products and services by developing and using corporate strategic core competencies. Understand your current position and apply strategic thinking to solve your financial problems. Be innovative in solving your problems.

Think out of the box to find innovative solution to your financial problems. If you don’t like your current job you can find another one which is more suitable for you. If your business is not growing you can do something innovative to transform your business into a fast growing company. To conclude: you are where you are right now because what you’ve done in the past. If you want to change your future then you should do something totally different right now so that you will be able to reap different results in the future. What you continuously at the present do will eventually become your future reality because your future is being determined by what you are doing right now.

Accept Total Responsibility for Your Family Situation

Do not get chained by the current circumstances without any effort to transform it. Transformation is done through simple acts of changing your daily habits. If you want something different for your family than you need to deliberately do something about it. Start to be a considerate person who care not only yourself but also others. Make a list of thing that you can do for your family. What are the best education that you give for your children to help them prepare for successful future? What kind of discipline should to be applied to successfully prepare for their future? Choosing the disciplines that must be implemented for the sake of your family is crucial first step to help prepare for successful future.

Education does not happen only is school or university. Everything that happen in your family is also a form of education. Simple things such as how you speak to your kids is also a kind of education to your kids. When you speak politely and respectfully to them then they will speak politely and respectfully to you because you are their teacher or mentor in how to communicate. What you do in front of them is also a kind of education because children tend to imitate parents or those around them. Make sure that you discipline yourself to speak, think, and behave in the way your kids want to speak, think, and behave. Why thinking here is included? Because what is your mind is also express in your face.

The best education is the education in character development. Knowledge is essential but character is much more essential than knowledge. It is crucial that you make a list of character development education for your kids. Teach integrity, diligence, resourcefulness, discipline, respect, and all other crucial character development to your kids early in life. You are totally responsible for their early education. You need to start educating them through crucial character development program.

Accept Total Responsibility for Your Health

Your health is crucial to your life. What do you do to always live in vibrant health? There are many things that affect your health. You need to eat foods that contribute positively for your health. Enough exercise is crucial to stay fit. Living in uplifting environment contribute significantly for you health. Your habitual thoughts also affect your health. Having enough rest is crucial to stay healthy and keep your body functioning properly. Lack of sleep can be dangerous for your health. Keeping your house always in clean and tidy state is also crucial factor for your health. Always careful when you are driving a car or riding motorbike is crucial to avoid bodily injury.

Other aspect that should be put into consideration is emotional and mental health. To be emotionally healthy is to be a able to control your emotion. See problems as opportunities to become a better person instead of something that overwhelmed you. Other things that affects your health is how disciplined you are. Disciplined persons have better health because they enjoy the happiness of achieving something through disciplined efforts.

Mental health is achieved by setting and achieving goals – not just any goals – but highest value goals that can make a difference to your life. Training and disciplining yourself to always put first-thing-first is also keeping your mental to be in healthy state.

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