Be Consistent In Making Progress To Speed Up Your Success

Be Consistent To Speed Up Your Success

Each one of us want to make progress. The most effective way to accelerate your progress is of course through consistent efforts. There are times when the results seem so low that you wonder if what you do can make any difference. Probably you are doubting if your current efforts can give you the desirable results. That’s normal part of life. Everyone of us in certain period of time are wondering if what we do can give us the desirable results. There are many aspects to be considered before making any conclusion. But here are the perspective that need to taken into consideration to make sure that you are on the right track.

Are You Spending Most Of Your Time on Highest Value Activities?

This is a very serious question that must be asked first when you are wondering if your efforts really effective. If you are busy doing low value tasks then you need to reconsider how you set up your priority. Have you set your priority right? Are you really busy doing things that can make a big differences or things that need not to be done at all. Don’t be too sure if you have set up your priority right. You need to make a list of all your activities then accurately rank those activities based on the order of importance. How can you do this? Compare each activities with each other. Rank them each one by one in the most accurate way possible. Be honest during the process. Do you allocate enough time to those things which belong to the category of highest value in priority?

Use Strategic Approach To Solve Your Problems

Sometime there are problems that should be solved first before you can make a progress. If your problem is poor priority then no matter how diligent you are you cannot make any progress. If you are busy doing those things that should not be done at all then don’t expect that you will receive the desirable rewards. If you are in this kind of situation you need to start replacing your low value activities with highest value ones. Setting your priority right should be done first before you start taking any efforts. By doing this you will be able to make sure that every seconds of your time are used doing those things that can make a big difference. Setting your priority right come first before you start taking any action.

Whatever Your Hands Find To Do – Do It The Very Best You Can

This is a very simple principle that you need to start applying to make sure that you learn from every of your activities. Whatever you do, you do it the very best you can. You are not tolerating for anything that less than the best. If you have decided to do something, you do it the very best you can. You work smart to achieve excellence. By doing this you will learn from every of your activities. Make it part of your habit that you always set out to do your best when you have a task to do. Do you toward completion and do not stop unless you have completed what you have set to do.

Set Your Priority The Right The Night Before You Go To Sleep

Make it your habit to always check your priority before you go to sleep. This habit alone can transform your life because you will do different thing tomorrow when you know what exactly what should be done first-thing-first. Do not let yourself to get drift into low value activities just because you haven’t done any preparation the previous night about what to do tomorrow. By doing so you will tend to waste you time doing low value activities.

Simple Plan Is Much Better Than Complicated One

Simple process is desirable than complicated ones. What you need to do is to focus your time and energy on just two or three highest value activities. This should not be a complicated process. Accuracy is crucial. You need to make sure that you are totally engage only on those activities that really matter and worth your time and efforts. Eliminate all the complexities that prevent you to go directly to those things that matter most in your life. Simple process will eliminate many needless waste of spending your time wondering what to do.

Just Jump Directly To Your Highest Value Activities

Here is the conclusion to this article: 1. Set the priority right for tomorrow’s tasks before you go to sleep. Be totally accurate about what matter most in your life. 2. Jump right in to your highest value tasks. Use the first 3 hours in the morning to be totally engage only to get your highest value task successfully done. 3. Replace all low value activities with the highest value ones. Do it right now because it’s the strategic way to start transforming your life. 4. Be consistent. Do your all your highest value tasks within 5 days from Monday to Friday. 5. Reserved Saturday and Sunday as the time off from your works. Spend quality time with your love ones on Saturday and Sunday. Your highest value tasks for Sunday and Saturday is to be with your love ones. Reserve these two days as the day to draw nearer to the Creator of heaven and earth. Understand the meaning of life by drawing nearer to the Creator.

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