Be Steadfastly Consistent in Maximizing Your Efforts to Achieve Highest Value Goals

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Time is the most crucial asset that should be invested in highest value activities that yield the best possible results. It is about time that you start doing your very best in getting the highest value tasks done successfully. Prioritizing your activities is a must. Doing low value activities first things first is suicide – you are destroying your own future by doing so. Stop doing low value activities right now. There is no excuses. You need not to wait until later to start doing those tasks that yield the best possible results. Why jeopardizing your life by doing low value activities? Why wasting your most precious asset on useless things? The best time to stop doing those meaningless low value activities is right now. Replace those low value activities with high value activities immediately – without any hesitation, fear, or doubt.

Now we are discussing about how to maximize your efforts. How to maximize your efforts in order to yield the best possible results? Now start with efficiency. Efficiency is about eliminating useless movement that yield no desirable results. It is the same as eliminating useless processes. When you have set a goal – it is better to go straight to achieve your goal than doing all other needless processes. If you want to create a product to sell to the market, just start creating it, completing it, and market it. You only need three steps to create and market the first product: 1. market potential, 2. product creation, 3. marketing efforts. Just use this simple 3 processes to efficiency create and bring the product to the market.

Do not aim for perfection in the first place. Just quickly and immediately bring the products and services to the market. You can always create the next version of the products and services. Just bring out the first edition of your products and services to the market as quickly as possible. The begin the processes of creating the second edition of your products and services. The second edition need not to be the major improvement, even minor improvement can make a big difference. You can take the next step improvement for the third edition of your products and services.

So many people make simple things into complicated ones. If something is so simple why make it so complicated. The simple the better because simplicity create efficiency. Needless complexity only create additional problems. Of course there are time when something is really complex and you need to address that. When you face real complexity your task is to make it simple. To get the big project that have intricate complexity done what you need to do is to divide them into many small very simple tasks and start getting them done one by one.

The next thing to consider is that you need to discipline yourself to stick to highest value goals by only doing highest value tasks in your prime time. Never waste your time doing low value activities first-thing-first. Always do your highest value tasks during your prime time first-thing-first no matter what the condition of your life. It is by focusing on highest value tasks first-things-first that you can make a big difference to your life. Why tolerating for the less? Focus only to get the highest value tasks done first-thing-first during your prime time by implementing discipline efforts to yield the best possible results.

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