Speak English Now – Small Talks and English by Phrases – Lesson 8

Speak English Now - Small Talks and English by Phrases - Lesson 8
Speak English Now – Small Talks and English by Phrases – Lesson 8
Speak English Now
Lesson 8
Small Talks


Always Late
Does he always wake up late?
He always stays in bed as late as he can.
But he works until midnight.
He is a night worker.
So that’s why he always wake up late.


Big Family Reunion
What bring you here?
I just want to meet my big family.
It has been a long time I haven’t met them.
Great! Let’s enjoy the time with our big family.


Bali Is My Favorite
What is your favorite thing?
Traveling abroad is one of my favorite things.
I love seeing new places, new people, new scenery.
Where is the best place you’ve ever visited?
Bali is the best one. It has many kind of tourist destination.


Enjoy Christmas With the Big Family
What does she want?
She wants to see us again.
She wants to enjoy Christmas with the big family.
That’s wonderful!


My Mother Is Over There
Which one is your mother?
The tall woman wears a red suit.
That’s my mother over there.
I see.


Sweet Memories
What would you like to talk about now?
I like to talk about the good old days.
This is the historical place of our childhood.
This place gives us sweet memories.


Pizza Is Favorite
Where shall we go for dinner?
We are going downtown to eat pizza.
Pizza! That’s simply the best choice!


Complete All The Tasks First
Please let me go now.
Have you completed all the tasks?
Not yet.
Complete all the tasks before you go.
Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
Okay. There are only a few tasks left.
It will take only 30 minutes to complete them all.
Okay. Just complete them all then you may go.


Get the Homework Done
Do you like to do homework?
Yes, doing homework is fun.
I always complete my homework the soonest possible.
I feel great when all homework are completed already.


Before Making Any Decision
What I should do now?
Maybe you should go check on your mom.
Consult with your mom before you make a big decision that affect your life.
Consult also with your dad.
Ask the advice of your parents about making life changing decision.


Fly Like An Eagle
A bird is flying.
Is that an eagle?
Yes, that’s an eagle.
The eagle is soaring high in the sky.
It can fly effortlessly


Reducing the Noise
What did she complain about?
She complained about the noise.
The house is so near with the main street.
It’s a noisy house.
I think we need to install noise reducer around the wall.


It is difficult to meet her this week.
She is very busy right now.
She has a project that must be completed this week.
You can see her next week.
She will have completed all her project before Monday.


We have many things in common.
We can spend much time doing what we love.
Yes, let’s go to Bali next month.
We can do many things in Bali.


Don’t worry.
All will be fine.
Just do your best right now.
Trust God for your future.
Keep on doing your best no matter what the circumstances are.


What is it all about?
You don’t want to know.
And you don’t need to know.
It’s just a trivial matter that no one need to know.
There is nothing trivial if it is related to me.
No. It’s not related to you at all.
It’s just a gossip that doesn’t worth your time to listen.
You’re wasting your time if you pay attention to it.


Do you know what happen to Titanic?
What happened exactly to Titanic is still a mystery.
No one knows the exact facts.
There are efforts to know the mystery
New technology can be used the decipher the mystery


Cut Down the Traveling Time
Why are you late?
There was a traffic jam.
Really? The reason is always traffic jam.
It’s true. You know how the traffic is like in Jakarta.
I think you need to find a new home near the workplace.
Buy a new home or apartment around the office.
I think that’s the solution.
I spend to much time on the road.
Buying a home or apartment near the workplace is the solution.