The Sun and The Earth – Speak English Now – Lesson 12

The Sun and The Earth
The Sun and The Earth

The Sun

This is the sun.
The sun is the source of energy for all human being on earth.
Without the sun there is no human being.
The earth is simply too cool without the sun.
What about animals?
Animals also need energy from the sun.
Animals eat plants.
No animals can exist without the sun.
No plants can grow without the sun.
If there is no plants there is no food.
No food for human and no food for animals.
There is no life without the heat of the sun.
Plants create foods that human eat.
This process is called photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis turns the sun energy into food that you eat.
The foods that you eat got its energy from the sun.
You do almost all your activities using the energy from the sun.
Without the sun the earth is freezing cool.
Plants cannot live without the sun.
Plants also produce oxygen that you breath.
Human cannot live without oxygen that the plant produce.
The earth is placed in perfect orbit.
It’s not too near, otherwise it will become to hot.
And it’s not too far, otherwise it will become to cool.
Tropics are part of the earth that get sun rays directly overhead.
Plants are abundant in tropical areas of the earth.
Tropical forest is the riches forest in plants and animal species.
Tropical forest is the best place for forest adventure.
The part of the earth that receive little sunshine is south pole and north pole.
There are almost no plants there because the land is covered with ice.
It is to cool for the plants to live there.
Only few animals adapt to the freezing cool environment there.
Polar bear is one of the rare animals that lives in Arctic.
Penguin is also exotic animals that adapt to freezing cool of the Arctic.
But only few species live in place that receive little sunshine.
Plants are abundant in tropical climate.
But plants are rare in Arctic.
There are so many animal species in tropical climate.
But animals are rare in Arctic.
Only few animals can adapt to freezing cool of the climate.
Only very few human lives in the Arctic.
Scientist lives in the Arctic to do some research.
Access to the Arctic is difficult.
Special ship must be built to go there.
This ship must be able to break the ice of the sea.

The Sun and The Earth
The Sun and The Earth

The Earth

Earth is the third planet in the Solar System.
Earth is the home of all human life.
About 7.5 billion people live on earth.
These people don’t speak the same language.
There are about 6,500 languages in this earth.
English is one of the most popular language.
English is the largest language in the world if the non-native speakers are counted.
Mandarin Chinese is the largest one if only native speakers are counted.
Internet makes it easy for you to learn any language.
The earth is also the habitat of animals.
There are about 8.7 millions of species.
More than 80% of these species are still undiscovered.
Most of these unknown species are marine species.
There are about 391,000 plant species.
Each year, about 2 thousand of plant species are discovered.
Most of these plant are about to extinct due to lost of habitat.
Plants are crucial part of human life.
They are the sources of food, medicines, clothing, building materials, oxygen, and biofuels.
But most of tropical forest has been destroyed.
When the tropical forest is destroyed then biodiversity is also destroyed.
It is crucial to protect biodiversity by protecting tropical forest.
Plastic is also polluting the earth.
Reducing the use of plastic is now becoming urgent.
Do what you can reduce the use of plastic.
Water is crucial part of human life.
But much of this water is also polluted.
Do what you can to keep the river and ocean clean.
Never throw any kind of garbage and waste into the river or ocean.
Grow trees to naturally clean up the water from pollution.
Wars also threatens the human life on this earth.
Today’s nuclear weapons are capable of erasing all life from this earth.
Biological and chemical weapons are also threatens human existence.
It seems that peace is quite elusive in today’s advanced society.