TOEIC TOEFL IELTS Preparation – Vocabulary Building – Lesson 1

TOEIC TOEFL ILTS Preparation - Vocabulary Building Lesson 1
TOEIC TOEFL ILTS Preparation – Vocabulary Building Lesson 1


When you establish something means you create it. To establish a business is to create a business.

* There are many ways to establish an online business.
* Corporate success is established by developing an effective business system.
* John established a successful online company when he was in college.


Appliance is an equipment to do certain household task at home. Example of appliances: kettle, coffeemaker vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, refrigerator etc. Each appliance has their own specific function.

* Refrigerator is a common appliance in every household.
* Computer is an smart appliance to do many kind of tasks.
* Coffeemaker is appliance to easily make your own coffee.


Triumph is what you feel when you win in a game or successfully get the tasks done.

* Through self disciplined efforts you can be triumphant to win against laziness.
* James feel the triumph after completing all his difficult tasks to establish a new business venture.
* Now that you have succeed to complete the tasks, relax a bit and feel the triumph.


To satisfy means to make someone happy or fulfilled.

* Your answer satisfy my question.
* Children can satisfy their parents by doing well in their study.
* The completed tasks satisfy the manager.


Something that is exclusive is restricted only to particular people.

* Expensive things are exclusive the rich people.
* This yearbook is published exclusively only for the students of this school.
* The manager give an exclusive exclusive for employee who are able to reach the sales target.


Sour is something that have an acid taste such as lemon. It also refers to food that have sharp or unpleasant taste.

* Some people use the sour taste of tamarind as traditional medicine.
* Ripe mango tastes sweet but unripe one tastes sour.
* Lemon juice tastes sour.


When water splash, it bursts and hits something.

* Children love to play by splashing water with their hands. It is exiting to them.
* When thing fall down to water it creates splashing water.


A standard is an established norm.

* The company has standard operational procedure that should be applied without compromise.
* Don’t try to do something out of the accepted standard in this company.
* It’s a standard to use face mask when you go outside to protect yourself from Covid19.


President is the top leader of a country or company.

* Jokowi is the president of Indonesia.
* Who is the president of this company?
* To be a president of a big company is not easy.


To curse someone or something is to hope bad things happen to them.

* She curses his enemies with a loud voice.
* Never curse good people because the curses will fall back to you.
* Say good things to others. Do not curse them.

TOEIC TOEFL IELTS Preparation – Vocabulary Building # 1