TOEIC TOEFL IELTS Preparation – Vocabulary Building – Lesson 2

TOIC TOEFL IELTS Preparation - Lesson 2

TOIC TOEFL IELTS Preparation – Lesson 2


…….. is the time of the day when the sky is light.
Nocturnal animals active during the night and sleep during the daytime.


To be …….. is to be happy and not want more.
I feel content with my achievement after arduous hard work.


An …….. is an important topic.
Let’s solve this issue the soonest possible.


An …….. is the group of people who manage a company or organization.
I want to study the business administration to prepare for a career in business.


A …….. is a group of states or businesses working for a common cause.
The federation of computer companies set up standard to ease up manufacturing process.


…….. is something you take to feel better or treat an illness.
When you get cold the best medicine is enough rest and eating much fruits containing vitamin c.


To …….. an event means to cause it to happen sooner than normal.
Trade war can precipitate the next world war.


If someone is …….., then they are kind and helpful to those who need it.
I’m gracious for the gift of natural talents that God the Creator has given to me.


A …….. is something bad that a person does that can be punished by law.
Hitler committed horrendous crime of mass murder.


…….. is the study of the environment and living things.
Do you plan to study ecology in college?

TOEIC TOEFL IELTS Preparation – Vocabulary Building # 2