Develop Personal Strategic Core Skills and Competencies by Investing In Constant and Never Ending Development of Yourself

Develop Highest Value Strategic Core Competencies

Develop Your Characters, Skills, and Competencies

It is crucial that you start investing in constant and never ending development of your characters, skills, and competencies. The first thing to do is to make a list of character, skills and competencies that you should develop to achieve your greatest potential. Be responsible for the great potential that God has given to you by developing, maintaining and using them for the good of yourself and fellow humans. You use God’s given gift of great potential for the great benefits of many people.

For character development, start to build the character of “discipline” because it is the character that is needed to build all other characters. The starting point is the discipline of always getting the highest value tasks done first-thing-first. Build the habit of setting and achieving highest value goals as the process of developing the character of “discipline”. Then you can continue on with all other character after you’ve established a firm ground of being a disciplined person.

As for the skills development, build the core skills based on the combination of your interest and natural talents. When you do what you love to do it is easier to build such skills. For example: If you have a great interest and have natural talents in music you can take music courses to quickly enhance your talents in music. If your interest and natural talent is drawing you can explore, expand, sharpen, and enhance your drawing skills using various learning lessons in drawing. Understand with clarity about the perfect combination of your personal interest and talents. You can also develop your skills by contributing your current skills for the benefits of fellow human. When you use the skills that you already have you are actually developing them.

Developing personal core competence is the next crucial steps. Competence is defined as combination of various skills and abilities that can be used to perform high value tasks. When you develop various skills in music such is ability to read and apply musical notation, ability to compose music, and many other talents related to music then the combination of various skills in music is your personal core competence that music. Using this combination of skills that has become your competence then you can use it for example to create school of music, or making your own music studio, or other things related to music. Combination of skills become your specialized personal core competence because those combination of skills can give you greater benefits compare if you have only specific skill without other supplementary or supporting skills. Your personal core competence is your mastery of various skills that together those skills can be orchestrated to create highest value output.

Developing Combination Skills to Create Strategic Personal Core Competence

Developing various related skills that form your strategic personal core competence will create to edge that you need to succeed in your career or business. Your goal is to create various related skills – if combined – can create incredible output. By orchestrating combination of several skills you can perform your tasks in much better way and therefore producing much more outputs if compare with the performance of only a single skill. Identify the complementing combination of skills which can be effectively develop to form your strategic personal core competence. Do your best to accurately identifying what these skills are and start developing them. Achieve your incredible potential by combining your interest and natural talents to create specific skills, and then continue develop complementary skills to create unique strategic personal core competence.

Be Sure to Develop One Highest Value Strategic Skill

Developing strategic personal core competence start with the building of one highest value strategic skill that help you to acquire other complementary skills. You need to focus one area of skills that give you the greatest benefits.

If your interest and personal talent is in language, developing the skill of writing can give you the greatest benefits. Writing skill help you to succeed academically and also financially. There are many things that you can do to monetized your writing skill such as writing books, blogging, writing articles for magazines, and many others.

If your talent and personal interest is in drawing, you can develop the skill of drawing to reap the greatest benefits from your drawing skills. There are also many ways to monetized your drawing skills such as creating video tutorials on drawing, composing illustrated story books, selling your drawings to various photo-share websites, and many others. These are just two example that you can develop just one skill and use it to earn money so that you can support yourself and even others.

Developing just one highest value skill can make a big difference in your life. Of course, you can reap greater benefits if you can develop various related skills that can be orchestrated to create incredible outputs.

Set goal to master just one skill that can make a big difference to your life. Combine learning with application so that you can immediately reap the benefits from what you are learning. Instead of just learning to draw – teach others how to draw by creating video channel for others to learn so that you are improving your drawing skill while teaching others. Start by teaching simple drawing and move on toward the next level as your skill in drawing has got better. You improve your skill faster when you immediately use what you have learned.

Set Goal to Achieve Excellent Performance in Your Skills and Personal Core Competencies

Set goal to be at the top in key area related to your skills and personal core competencies where you will be in above average position and therefore you have the competitive advantage to win the market. Discipline, persistence, commitment, and continuous improvement are the strategic principles that you should apply to be the above average in your specific skills and core competencies. It takes about 1 year to master one specific skill of expertise through super intensive learning and application. If each year you master one specific high value skill, then you will be able to master 7 high value skills that can be orchestrated to form totally unique personal core competence.

1 year is not a long time. In one year you can develop 1 specific high value skill that give you high value returns that can be achieved through total disciplined efforts in super intensive learning program ta master that specific skill. Be sure that the skill you master is one highest value skill compare to all the alternatives and therefore give you the greatest returns to your one year time investment. Split that one year into four stages of mastery level, starting with beginner level in 3 months, intermediate level in 3 months, advanced level in 3 months, and mastery level in 3 months. Set the target to complete all the level only within 1 year. Progress should be made each day throughout the day within a year.

Remember that your goal is to master one highest value skill that give you the best possible return for your time investment. Make sure that you accurately choose one skill – if you master it – can make a big difference to your life. To make sure you are on the right track then you should make the right decision up-front by carefully choose what one highest value skill that can make a big difference.

You can start by writing all the skills which are possible for you to pursue than give value for each skill based on specific criteria such as availability of resources to pursue that skill, how money hours of time investment needed to master it, the potential benefits that you can get if you master that specific skill, and other factors that you can put into consideration. Through careful consideration based on useful criteria then you can make accurately decision about one skill that you can develop and master within a year. Choose only one highest value skill that worth the time and efforts of relentlessly pursuing them.

Why a year? One year is enough time to master one specific high value skill through concentrated super intensive learning and application. But one year is also short enough to ensure that you are not get distracted into other non-essential things. If you use one year effectively, it is easy for you to master one highest value skill that can make huge difference to your life.

Be flexible during the process. Always take note of your progress and ask yourself whether you are learning the highest value lessons that contribute to your learning progress. By always taking note of your progress then you can make the necessary adjustment to make sure that you are on the right path toward mastering that skill.

Be Highly Disciplined in Pursuing That One Highest Value Skill

The key strategy to be disciplined during your learning process in pursuing that one highest value skill is by combining it with application of that skill as you are learning. Learning and application can be combined to reap the double benefit accelerating the process of learning and reaping instant benefits from what you have learned. Learning and applying what you have learned will also safe more time that you can use for other things.

Since you need to develop personal strategic core competencies which are the results of combining several highest value personal skills then you need to take into account what are those skills that you will develop within 3 to 5 years. What are 3 to 5 skills – if combined – can make tremendous difference to your life? It is then become the exercise of choosing the perfect combination of highest value skills to create strategic core competence that give you the greatest time investment benefits.

As time pass by, if each year you can master one specific highest value skill, then in 10 year you will master 10 highest value skills. Imagine the results of such skills combination! You dedication to always improve yourself through lifelong continuous learning can actually give you unique and precious strategic personal core competencies which are difficult to match. Such skill combination have the potential to give you tremendous benefits that you’ve never imagined before.

The most important question is then when you should begin? Today – yes right now – is the time to start the journey of lifelong learning applying what you’ve learned to master one highest value specific skill each year. Start today to begin the journey of lifelong learning process so that you are in the process of forever growing your skills and competencies. Time is passing by no matter what you do. The decision to start the process of learning by doing days in and days out throughout the years during your whole life is one of the most important decision you can make to actually and incredibly transform your life.

Who Is Your Role Model in This Journey of Life?

Who is one person you admire most that you are willing to imitate him or her as your role model? Choose one role model that you can imitate so that you can learn from him or her. The role model whom you choose can give you the useful lessons to make better decision in your life. What are the most precious lessons that you can learn from your role model? Why are you choosing him or her as your model? What are specific lessons that inspire you. Learn all you can from your rule model which include from books, seminar, workshop, or any other useful material.

Track and Record The Progress of Your Lifelong Learning Process In Your Journey of Life

The journey of life is the process of lifelong learning from various resources. The books that you read, the person that you imitate, your own experiences in this journey of life, the memories that you keep in own mind or media such photos and videos, the principles that you’ve adopted, the characters that you’ve built to be part of your own character, the skills and competencies that you’ve develop and applied: all of these are part of your life that you need to keep. You don’t want to lose any significant moment of life that make up the whole you as a person. As the years gone by you keep on making process by learning from all the lessons you can learn from various lessons of life.

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