Developing and Maintaining Quality Character as Your Personal Trade Mark

Personal Character as Your Trade Mark - Building Integrity To Create Trust - Crucial To Your Success
Personal Character as Your Trade Mark – Building Integrity To Create Trust – Crucial To Your Success

To succeed in any area of life you need to develop the personal qualities to be the trade-mark you as a person. The first and foremost in importance is integrity which is defined is thinking, doing, acting, and living in the truth. Integrity should be part of your mind, body, and spirit for it is the truth that will set you free. Corrupt mind, body and spirit will create corrupt life. What are three qualities of character that you need to develop continuously as a person?

The mind is where your everything start. You first create it in your mind and then make it happen in the outer world. What you think continuously will be reflected in the outer world. It is then crucial that you operate every detail of thoughts in the best way possible. Training your mind to think with total integrity is the first crucial disciplining yourself to live the life of total integrity. When you run your mind with total integrity then it will be automatically reflected in the outer world. On the contrary, when you run your mind with no integrity, it will also be automatically reflected in the outer world. In the long term, you are what you think about continuously and regularly. Sooner or later you will reap what you sow.

The body is the place where the spirit dwell. How long you will live on earth is being determine by how long you maintain the health of your body. The health of your body is depend on what you regularly eat because it is true that you compose from what you are eating. Choosing your diets carefully and only eat foods that contribute for your overall vibrant health should be part of your personal discipline. Other things which are also important are enough exercise; living in positive, clean, and uplifting environment; occasionally have recreational time to enjoy the beauty of nature such as mountain and beach. Other thing that also affect your health is how you run every detail of your thoughts. Positive thinking can also contribute to the maintaining of your health. People who continuously think negatively can also affect negatively to their health. The integrity of you thoughts can greatly affects your overall health.

The spirit is the most crucial parts of your life because the spirit is eternal. The spirit is related directly to your spiritual aspect of life. These 3 aspects of life – mind, body, and spirit – must be nurture regularly to live in total integrity. When these 3 are cherished and maintained regularly you can live the fullness of your potential and therefore enjoy continues growth as a human being. To maintain your spirit you need to pray, read the Holy Bible, and apply the Biblical principle in your daily life. If you live in total integrity within the context of mind, body, and spirit, then you live the total quality of life of continues growth.

The Virtue of Integrity

The virtue of integrity is need to be implemented since you are young – even as a kid – because it is a virtue that needed to succeed in any area of life. Of course you need to develop other virtue as well. The virtue of integrity is the virtue of thinking, speaking, and acting based on the truth as it is the truth that will set you free. Integrity can be considered as the virtue of virtues because when you think, speak, and act based on truth it will be easier for you to succeed in life.

Do Your Highest Value Tasks Calmly

Accelerate your progress by keeping your calm when you are working to achieve your highest value goals. When you work calmly, you can think clearly and logically to solve the problems that come along the way as you are working. Working calmly give you the ability to solve many of your problems using accurate and effective methods. Free your mind from all other thoughts that can distract you and therefore make you less effective. Build the habit of always working calmly and intelligently to make sure that you get the maximum results from each seconds of your time.

Setting and Achieving Highest Value Goals

Building the habit of working consistently to achieve your incredible human potential start with your ability in setting and achieving highest value goals. Build the habits, skills, and abilities in setting and achieving highest value goals to make it as the natural part of you as a person. If there is one personal core competence that you should continuously and consistently develop then it is in the area of setting and achieving highest value goals that can make a big difference to your life. To make sure that maintain your focus on things that matter most, begin your day by asking this question: “What is one highest value goal, if I can achieve it immediately, can make a big difference in my life?” Asking this question give you a great start about what to do throughout the day as your investment to live a quality life.

Focusing More on Character Development as a Person Instead of The Results

Are you result oriented or process oriented? Which approach is more effective, result oriented approach or process oriented approach. The answer is that both can be effective. Since both can be very effective, then you need to balance both approach. How to balance both approach? How can you enjoy the process along the way as well as you get the ultimate end results which you have set as your goal. Results oriented by disregarding the process can be dangerous for the long term aspect of your life. Process oriented is great but if you are not absolutely clear about where you will eventually arrive at the end is not very effective also. Using balance process of both result and process oriented is the best approach to achieve your highest value goals.

Now let’s see how you can apply the balance approach in your life. If you are aiming to be financially prosperous then in the process you need to build the character of diligence, frugality, discipline, charity, and integrity. If your goal for financial prosperity is used to develop these character, then you are on the right track of balancing both result process oriented. Don’t aim solely on financial prosperity, aim for the development of character that make financial prosperity easy to achieve. In this way you can both enjoy the process and achieve the by product of the character development which is financial prosperity. In this case you will not only receive financial prosperity, but also something which much more important than financial prosperity – that you become much better person through the development high value personal character.

Much More Desirable Than Riches

A Good Name is Better Than Riches – To Be Esteem is Better Than Gold

A good name is the trade-mark of you individually as a person. To have a good name is to be a person of integrity that can be trusted. In business trade-mark play very significant part for the long term success of the company. When a business have good name which is acquired through excellent business conduct and behavior, profit is easily achievable. On the contrary, if integrity is not part of the character in a business – individually or in corporate scale – failure is certain. By seeing that good name is your individual trade mark as a person, then it is crucial that you start to build integrity as your character.

When you have a good name – the reputation of a respected person whose words and action are congruent, then you have something which is better than riches. The trade-mark of integrity of you as an individual will open up many doors of opportunities. It will be easy for you to run your business because you are a person that can be trusted. When relating with others, you will be part of the solution instead of the problem. You will be able to expand your circle of influence because people trust you once you have a good reputation. Trust is the capital to conduct a successful business. To conclude from the Proverb, to be esteem is better than gold.

Practicing Integrity in Business Can Make a Big Difference to Your Business

What is your current condition of life? Are you suffering from endless financial problem? Now is the time to change your life by doing well in your financial area so that you can be successful in other area as well. What is the key to success in financial matter? The key of keys to open up opportunities in business is integrity.

Integrity is the key aspect to succeed in business because you will not be successful in any business if you don’t behave with integrity. Disciplining yourself to be always acting with integrity in your business conduct is the first crucial step to succeed. When you put integrity as key principle in your business conduct, you are indeed opening up so many business opportunities that you’ve never imagine before. Conducting your business with integrity – both toward yourself and others – must be your core business principle that you apply without compromise. When you apply the principle of integrity in total discipline manner, it is easy to succeed even when you just in the first stage of business venture.

Behaving in business with total integrity means that you conduct your business with total clarity of values and truth. You act with the whole truth and every of what you do is based on truth. When you act based on truth you will gain trust. Trust is also a crucial business capital. Trust can even be much more precious than money. Trust can open doors to many great business opportunities. Trust is results of conducting your business with total integrity.