Eliminating Subtle Distraction

Eliminate Subtle Distraction
What are the subtle distraction that prevent your from getting the highest value tasks done?

These 10 steps are focused on how to eliminate any kind of distraction that stop your progress in getting the highest value tasks done. It is crucial that you keep on focusing only on what matter most to accelerate your progress. Since there are too many things that cause distraction, you will need to learn what they are and apply the preventive strategy to not get distracted.

Use creative approach to prevent any kind distractions that lead you to do low value activities. There are many subtle low value activities that seem like high value activities. When you see low value activities as high value ones – it leads you to think that you are engaging in high value activities while the opposite is true. Understand that subtle low value activities so that you can prevent them from happening. Learn these 10 key principles to prevent any kind of distractions so that you can create incredible progress within relatively short period of time.

There are so many great opportunities that have been lost just because you get distracted into trivial matters that waste much of your precious time. Now you want stop this from happening because you don’t want to lose any seconds of precious time anymore. So – let’s start learning what those distractions are and do whatever you can to prevent them from happening again in your life.

1. Subtle Distraction # 1 – Over Analysis

Yes, analysis is crucial first step – but over analysis is very destructive because it waste much your precious time and you stay indecisive about what must be done the soonest. If you keep on analyzing things and don’t make the necessary decision to get the tasks done you are indeed wasting your precious time. Just make all the necessary analysis and start getting your highest value tasks done.

2. Subtle Distraction # 2 – Getting High Value Tasks Done BUT NOT The Highest Value Ones

There is a HUGE difference between High Value Tasks and Highest Value Tasks as there is a big difference between A and B. You still waste much of your precious time if you keep on doing high value tasks but NEVER doing your HIGHEST value tasks that must be done immediately. Put your hand first thing first in HIGHEST value tasks and get all of them done before you start putting your hand on high value tasks. Always do the most important tasks first-thing-first before you do anything else.

3. Subtle Distraction # 3 – Doing too Much Preparation

Yes – preparation is crucial – but too much preparation is actually destructive because you will lost much of your time doing the preparation instead of start getting all the real high value tasks done. You may need to read all of those great books but reading is wasting your time if your goal is just to read without any intention to execute the simple strategy or principle to solve the real life problems. All of the university degree can be considered useless unless you can put those theories into real life practices to significantly improve the quality of your life.

4. Subtle Distraction # 4 – Not Willing to Work Hard and Do Whatever It Takes to Succeed

Getting it done quickly and accurately without any hesitation is crucial to your success. You need to implement that great ideas TODAY – RIGHT NOW – not tomorrow or later when you have the mood to get it done or sometime in the future which will never come. The best time to execute it is right now. Start it right now to get all of those highest value tasks done with all the diligence and hard work necessary to put all the tasks into successful completion. Your goal is to work toward “Successful Completion within the Shortest Possible Time”. This goal require your willingness to work hard and do whatever it takes until all tasks are successfully completed.

5. Subtle Distraction # 5 – To Much Waiting Time

Waiting time is a big waste of time. Never let the highest value tasks lay waiting to get done while you are busy doing something else which are not essential at all. Just start getting the highest value tasks without any waiting time. Don’t wait until tomorrow to do the highest value tasks that must be done today – right now. Set it as your goal to complete that highest value tasks that must be done today.

6. Subtle Distraction # 6 – Not Doing the Highest Value Tasks Toward the COMPLETION

Completion of all the requirements is the only parameter that can be considered as a success. Half-done is not yet done. Even the 99.99 % done is still not yet done. You must get all things done completely 100 % and even more if possible. You may do more but don’t do less than what is required for the completion of the highest value tasks. Aim at 200 % toward the completion of the tasks if it is possible. What does it mean 200 % of the tasks? It means that you do 2 time better than what is expected that is considered as the completion of the highest value tasks.

7. Subtle Distraction # 7 – Getting it Done in Longer Period of Time Than Necessary

When you are not setting the goal to complete it today – right now – you will have the tendency to complete it for much longer time. Why are you completing it for a week for something that can be easily done for a day? Shorten the process! Get it done in a day what can be done in a day without any excuse or hesitation. Set the goal to complete that highest value tasks today today. Start working right now!

8. Subtle Distraction # 8 – Too Much Learning but Never Executing

This is very common because education teach people much more about the theory instead of practical things. Learning for the learning sake can cause a complete failure in your life. The only useful education are the education that can be immediately put into real practice to improve the quality of life. All the theory are just wasting your precious time. Seek useful knowledge that worth your time putting them into real life practices to significantly improve the quality of your life.

9. Subtle Distraction # 9 – Using Indirect Approach Instead of Direct Approach

Indirect approach can be essential but it is not to be applied in your approach to get your highest value tasks done. You will save much more time if you are using DIRECT approach instead of indirect approach. Just go straight forward to your highest value tasks to get it done directly. Your goal is to complete all the highest value tasks 100 % and above today – starting right now in working to get all of them done.

10. Subtle Distraction # 10 – Getting Distracted by the Social Media

Social media can cause great distraction if you are not using it wisely. It is put in number 10 doesn’t mean it is the least as the cause of distraction. In all probability – much amount of time has been wasted in social media. Yes, of course, social media can be great business tool if you know how to do online business. Focus on using social media as profitable business tools instead of just wondering around seeking too much information. Do some lucrative online business using social media instead of just using it to socialize.

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