How to Balance Short Term Achievement with Long Term Ultimate Success

Balancing Short Term with Long Term Achievement of Your Goals

There is a cause for every effects in life. If you want to create the effect of success then you need to cause success through what you think, speak, and do. It is crucial that you understand and apply the law of cause and effects to create the expected results.

It’s start with your mind. What you do is actually the results of your habitual thoughts. Every of your decision about what to do or not to do happens in your mind. The first step to success is then to start thinking in the best possible way to enable you making the best possible decision in every situation and circumstances.

Ideas are available in abundance. You need to be able to weight on every of your ideas and focus on working ideas that can make a huge difference to your life. Start gathering useful ideas and experiment on those ideas to know if they are useful or not for you. Set aside any prejudice and focus on how you can apply the best ideas to improve the quality of your life and your love ones.

To be an intelligence person is a personal decision that only you can make. You can start reading useful books to learn from the best person in particular field and take useful ideas in your current circumstances. If you want to master English then you need to start learning from those who are already have great competencies in English.

The key strategy to start changing your life is by starting to make the best decision in making the most of your time. When you understand that every seconds of your time have great value then you can make the decision to upgrade the way you are using your time. When you start making the most of your time to do highest value tasks first-thing-first then you are already in the right path to enjoy true happiness, not just your own happiness but also the happiness of your loved ones.

Decide Clearly and Accurately What You Really Want

It’s all start with clarity of value. Clarity of value is crucial in your decision making process. If you have decide to succeed in life but you don’t put the value of self-discipline to be part of your behavior and character then you can never succeed. To succeed in life you need know, understand, and apply all the principles of success that work naturally as a law in this life. The principle of self-discipline is the first principle than you need start to apply to make your dreams come true. Unless you are a highly disciplined person you cannot succeed in life. The principle of self-discipline is so obvious – what you need to do is start applying it as part of your behavior and character.

You Can Succeed Only By Taking Specific and Accurate Action of Achievement

Actions are what moves you closer and further from your goals. It is only by taking highly accurate action that you can succeed in this life. That’s why learning from those who are already there can make a big difference. Many great books that you can read as your reference are available in abundance. What you need to do is starting to read them and apply the principles in your current situation. When you learn from others your goal is upgrade your abilities in making accurate decision about what to do or not to do. The more accurate your action the better the results that you will reap.

Balance the Short Term Achievement With Long Term Ultimate Success

It is crucial that what you do right now supports your long term goals. You need to balance your short-term goals with long term ultimate goals. If you want to succeed in the long term then continues education is crucial to your success. In this case you keep on learning with the goal of gaining useful knowledge to achieve both your sort term and long term goals. When you stop learning and only working for money then can ruin your chance of success in the future. You need to see learning as the continues process of becoming a better person. There are many kind of learning resources which include quality books, quality professional trainings, seminars, conferences, and learning from your daily experiences.

Be Totally Aware About The Long Term Consequences of Your Actions

Awareness about the long term consequences of your action can prevent you from making foolish decision. You need to start doing things that give you both the short term and long term desirable results. Combining both the short-term and long-term goals achievement can make a big difference in your life. If just focus to achieve sort term goals without looking at the long-term consequences of what you do you can make a terrible mistakes. You must not make any sort term decision that does not support the achievement of your long term goals. It is only by combining the sort-term and long-term achievement of your goals that you can achieve the ultimate great success in your life.

Having long term perspective in everything that you do is crucial so that you always in the right tract toward the achievement of your big long term goals. In everything that you do right now should be to support the achievement of your long term goals. Probably you need to make sort term sacrifices so that you can achieve bigger long-term goals. Instead of doing things with just the sort term perspective, it is much better and safer to do things with long term perspective.

Focus to Achieve Long Term Goals by Doing Your Best Right Now

Balancing the sort term and long term achievement of your goals start with your ability in making the most every seconds of your time. When you investing your time by doing highest value activities to create successful future you actually doing your best today. What you do right now determines your future. That’s why it is crucial to start doing highest value tasks that give meaning to your life. When you start doing things that give you the highest value results that you are already investing your time. You need to build the habit of always focusing on things that matter most from the long-term perspective by doing your best right now.

Your future is being shaped by what you do right now. If you don’t focus what you are doing right now to achieve your future goals then you will tend to waste your time. When you are setting big long term goals then the key strategy to achieve them is by taking all the necessary actions right now to draw nearer to your goals days in and days out. When you start doing highest value activities to achieve your future big goals you already in the right track. If you want to be the top 10% in your chosen profession within 5 years from now then you need to start upgrading your skills so that within 5 years you are already in high caliber expert in your chosen profession.

Build the Critical Habits To Achieve Real Success

The critical habits to achieve real success is that time will pass by anyway. When you think using long term perspective actually it’s not too far away. Even 10 years is a short time when you start using it in the best way you can. That’s why you need to start right now or you will waste most of your time. Aim for a the big highest value long term goals and start taking action today – right now – when you still have the time and opportunities to do so. 5 years or 10 years in the future is not a long time. Time will pass very quickly. Start to make the most of your time to achieve your highest value long term goals.

To do so you need to start building the habits of successful person. Start by reading as many books as possible on how to succeed in life. Understand that success is not only from the material or financial aspect but the whole aspects of life which include spiritual, social, mental, intellectual. You need to focus your mind, time, and energy to achieve balance success on all crucial area of life. This means that you are not achieving success in one area but failing in another areas. You need to be able to succeed in all crucial areas of life. To do this you need to make sure that you think, speak, and do the highest value things that give you the highest value rewards in terms of upgrading the quality of your life. You need to succeed in career or business, family and relationship, health, and spiritual.

Built the habit of using the first three hours in the morning to get your highest value tasks done. Always respect and appreciate the members of your family. Upgrade your health through healthy diets and regular exercises. Do your very best to live in uplifting environment that nurture your family, enhancing your health, and growing your spiritual aspects of life. When you see your life and your love ones using long term perspective then you can make better decision today to continuously upgrade the quality of your life.

The The First Step to Start The Momentum

It is said the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step. The first step to achieve your highest value goals might be the most difficult one. But once you take the first step the next step will come by itself. Just do what you can right now to start achieving your big highest value goals, then you will learn and know what must be done in your second step. After you take the second step you third step will appear in your way. Life is a progression of becoming a better person. Just do your best to keep on doing your highest value activities then you will be rewarded with the desirable results.

Live Your Ideals Family Life

Start spending your time with your kids every Saturday and Sunday. Give nice surprises to your husband or wife. Work hard and smart from Monday to Friday but spend Saturday and Sunday only for your family. Make the most of your time from Monday to Friday to advance your career or business but allocate Saturday and Sunday only for your family. Go to church together with your family on Sunday. Enjoy nice vacation regularly with your family to create memorable events. Do not read papers, touch the computer, play video games, or bring your work home on Saturday and Sunday. Only use your Saturday and Sunday for your love ones without any distraction. When you focus to use Saturday and Sunday only for your family you will work hard and work smart from Monday to Friday so that you can totally focus your Sunday and Saturday only for your family.

Enjoy Vibrant Health

Always eat healthy foods. Eating fruits regularly is crucial to your health. Do regular exercises to maintain your fitness. Even only 10 minutes exercises each day and everyday can make huge differences to your health. Build the habit of positive thinking to maintain and upgrade your mental health. See life with positive mental attitude to always stay in vibrant mental health. Read regularly to upgrade your intellectual capacity. Read, contemplate, and apply the Biblical principles to nurture and upgrade the spiritual aspect of your life. You need to upgrade and maintain your physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health regularly to enjoy vibrant health in all crucial aspects of life.

Achieve Your Financial Freedom

To achieve your financial freedom you need to start investing what you have earned. Investing your money for long term gains is crucial if you want to enjoy the financial freedom. Set aside about 10 % of your income to invest for the future. You can invest in mutual funds. Study about mutual funds that give you reasonable yields for the future. You can invest your income by starting a profitable business. Make sure that you invest only in profitable business that you can develop, upgrade, and maintain. Whatever you do, start investing at least 10 % of your income right now to secure a better future. Learn from the best resources about how you can gain your financial freedom. Read quality books, attend quality seminars, watch quality videos that give useful presentation about how to effectively achieve your financial freedoms. There are many resources out there to gain your financial freedoms. Make sure that you learn and apply the best principles to gain your financial freedom.

Take The First Step to Succeed in Life

The first step is probably the most difficult step. But unless you start taking the first step then you will probably never start at all. Apply scrum method to succeed in your life by just taking the first step, then the second step will appear right after you take the first step. You need to start doing what you can do to make your dreams come true. No matter how difficult it may seems to achieve that big long term goals of your life, you can start doing something today that draw nearer to your goal. Learn and apply scrum method to achieve your big goals in life. Decide to take one highest value action that start the realization to the achievement of your big goals in life.

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