How to Get Organized

How to Get Organized

It is crucial that you focus first-things-first in the morning only on one task that can make tremendous difference to your life. Dare to make a big difference to your life by “decisively eliminating” all the low value activities.

There are problems that you need to solve and you are wondering how to solve them. The only way to solve any of your problems is by using your time on things that matter most. Unless you start eliminating those low value activities and replacing them with the highest value ones you will still have those unnecessary problems.

Bad habits are hindering your from achieving your greatest potential. Starting to develop the habits of excellence should be done right now while you still have time and opportunities. Remember that the most precious thing is this life is your time. Your time is your life. If you are squandering your time then it is the same as squandering your life. So start right now to replace bad habits with great ones. You will keep on having those big problems of life unless you start replacing bad habits with great ones.

Just make it simple. You don’t need complicated steps and strategy. You just need simple disciplined efforts in always getting one highest value task done successfully in the morning, during the day, and at night. Make the most every second of your time to achieve your highest value goals in relatively short period of time.

Start getting your big project done successfully. What are your big projects and what can you do to getting them done? How then to get organized to get the big project done? It is very simple and not complicated at all: Focus only on one crucial task at a time and get it done successfully. It is only when you really start doing highest value activities that you start transforming your life. If you keep on wasting your time on trivial matters then you are doom for failure.

Yes, the step to success is very simple. Simple action in getting one highest value task done can make huge difference. But if you are busy doing those low value activities you are wasting your precious time and squandering your life for nothing. You even doing the disservice to others when you don’t do what must be done. This is a warning for those who keep on doing low value activities and have no discipline to do highest value activities that can make tremendous difference in life.

Remember that what you do is also affecting others. When you don’t do what must be done – when you waste your time on trivial activities – you are destroying not only yourself by also those who’s life is under your circle of influence.

Be Highly Disciplined in Getting the Highest Value Tasks Done Successfully

This is the key principle of success: that you use most of your time in getting the highest value tasks done. You start early in the morning and continue on until night. You are not squandering even a second of your time. Every seconds are precious and you do your best to make the most of it.

Start it right now to be a highly disciplined person. Don’t waste your time on trivial matters. Start making the most of your time doing highest value activities that have the potential to transform your life. Start now to make the most of your time.

Discipline is the key to start transforming your life. With a little bit of discipline you will only achieve a little bit of success. Without total disciplined efforts you will be able to achieve total success. Without any self discipline you will go into nothingness in this life.

Decide right now that you are a totally disciplined person who have the abilities in getting the highest value tasks done successfully.

How to Get Organized

Start working early in the morning. It is when you start working early in the morning that you do your best in achieving your greatest goals. You are still fresh and you are ready to get your highest value tasks done. Focus only most difficult highest value goals to get done in the morning.

Use Pareto principle. Focus an the 20% that give you 80% of results. Eliminate the 80% that give you only 20% of results.

Use the power of focus and concentration. Make the most of your time by not getting distracted in trivial matters. No matter what happen to your life. Keep on doing your best to achieve the best possible results.

Develop sense of achievement by setting and achieving highest value goals. Set one highest value goals and then immediately achieve that goals. Remember that you focus only on highest value one instead of on low value ones. Then step toward the next highest value goals that can make a huge difference to your life.

Integrate total quality in whatever you do. Focus to produce the best results instead of the mediocre ones. Just start getting it done then do what you can to improve them. You are not focusing on perfection but on applying constant and never ending improvement. It the initial stage it might not be perfect but you keep on perfecting it by creating the next phase of improvement system.

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