Keep Accurate Note on Where You Are Spending Your Time

Keep Accurate Note on Where You Are Spending Your Time

Keep Accurate Note on Where You Are Spending Your Time

You cannot do everything that you want to do. You can only eliminate all low value activities and replace them with highest value ones. Stop trying to do all things. Start eliminating all useless activities. Focus only on things that can make big differences to your life.

Just stop doing low value activities so that you have much more time on highest value activities. Set the target to focus 8 hours a day to get all your highest value tasks done without any distraction. Use timer to count how much time you use each day to doing highest value activities.

Each day, only very few hours of your time are used on things that matter most in life. Use your timer so that you can keep track on the exact time that you use on highest value activities.

Stop doing low value activities because you will certainly from what you are doing. When you choose to do those low value activities instead of the highest value ones, you have set yourself for the ultimate failure. Just start getting the highest value tasks done is the key to start eliminating low value useless activities that waste your precious time.

The key to success is in your ability to focus single-mindedly on your highest value tasks without any distraction, and apply self-disciplined efforts to get all the tasks completed successfully. Your goal is to make sure that all the crucial tasks are completely done successfully.

When you drift into the non-essential you are actually not producing anything. Focus on value-added activities. Think in term that whatever you do must immediately add value. Use timer to count how many minutes each day you are fully focusing on highest activities without any distraction.

How to eliminate distraction? Use this method to eliminate distraction. First: Set goal to work for 8 hours a day only highest value activities. Second: Count how many hours a day you are actually spending your time doing highest value activities. Third: Make it as your habit to always work 8 hours a day until the big highest value goal is accomplish. Fourth: Count how much time you use on non-value-added activities in a day.

When you keep track on what you are doing with all of the available time you will be amazed that you’ve spend so much time on non-value-added activities. It is by being disciplined on keeping track on your time you can make changes on how you use your time. The discipline of keeping track to see how much time you spend on value-added activities will create realization on what activities you can eliminate so that you have more time spend on value-added activities.

You can use your mobile phone as timer, or the timer software on your computer. Use spreadsheet software to record on how you are using your time. Set the timer to 8 hours. Turn on when you are actually doing value added tasks and turn of when you are doing anything else. In a day, count how much time do you use doing highest value tasks. How much time is still left toward 8 hours of doing highest value tasks? Your goal is to consume 8 hours in the real action of doing value-added activities to achieve your highest value goal.

Be Selective About Your Activities

There are many things to do but there are only limited time to do them. You cannot do all things but you can select what to do or not to do. What you do determine the results that you will achieve. It is then crucial that you start doing things that give you the best actual results.

When you are doing low value activities you are wasting your precious time. It is then crucial to make sure that you spend most of your time in a day doing the highest value activities that give the best results. By being selective you will be able to make progress even in a day. Then you need to keep the momentum going so that you always do things which matter most throughout your life. To do so you need to keep track on what you are actually doing everyday. Keeping track on the usage your time will create an awareness that you must always invest your time on highest value activities that can make huge differences to your life.

Do the Highest Value Tasks First Before You Do Anything Else

The way to start getting your highest value tasks done is just by start doing it immediately without any hesitation. Do you hardest and most difficult highest value tasks first-thing-first. Resist the temptation to do the easier one first. Just start with the hardest and most difficult highest value task and keep on working on it until all the tasks are successfully completed.

It is easy to get slip into the easier one first before you start working on the hardest, most difficult, and highest value tasks. Doing what is easy and entertaining instead of the most difficult and hardest task one first-thing-first can cause procrastination. The hardest and most difficult highest value tasks will probably never get done because you tend to keep on doing what are easy and pleasing. This is the cause of procrastination to most people. Eliminate this kind of procrastination by always starting with the hardest and most difficult higest value tasks first-thing-first before you do the easier one.

The habit of always getting into the hardest and most difficult highest value task first-thing-first in the morning to start you day is the key strategy to transform your life. You will receive the maximum returns to your investment of time if you are always disciplining yourself to do so. Don’t take to much time to start working on highest value project starting with the hardest and most difficult one first. Just jump into your project and get it done quickly and well.

Getting your highest value tasks done give you the satisfaction and is a sign that you are a responsible person. On the contrary, doing low value activities only make you unhappy.

Build the Habits of Success by Setting and Achieving Highest Value Goals

First you need to write down your goals and then choose one goal which is the highest value one. Then divide that goal into several achievable tasks that can be easily done. Use the Scrumban method to get the tasks done successfully. Make list of tasks which are part of your highest value goal and then start taking massive action to get them done quickly and successfully. Aim for both quality and speed when you work to get the task done. By focusing only on one task at a time you can complete your task quickly and well. Multitasking many tasks at once often resulted in tasks poorly done and take 40 % more time.

There are many things to do but there only few highest value tasks that should be done. Prioritizing your activities and using your time to get the highest value tasks done should be part of your habits. The habit of success is build through completion of things that matter most. You keep on doing things based on accurate prioritization until it become part of your habit.

The simple method of setting and achieving highest value goals then working hard to achieve them is something that anyone can do. Progress is created when work is done. The discipline to work hard until task is completed will produce results. Unfinished tasks are the same as tasks not done at all. It is crucial to start what you can successfully completed to reduce the waste of unfinished tasks.

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