Start Transforming Your Life and Enlarge Your Circle of Influence

Start Transforming Your Life To Create Positive Impact

What is the best contribution that you can give to others that can create the biggest positive impact for others that can be accurately considered as the best investment of your precious time? This is the question of setting your priority right. When you have set your priority right then you will have the ability to make the most of your time. On the contrary, when you are not setting your priority right then it is impossible to make the most of your time. You are making the most of your time when you are doing highest value activities that can make a big difference to yourself and others.

So what is the way to start transforming your life?

It is very simple: by setting your priority right and taking the appropriate action based on that priority. It is simple but takes tremendous efforts on your part. Resist the temptation to do pleasurable things yet have low value. It takes strong determination to get the highest value task first thing first. The application of this principle is also very simple: just start doing those highest value task that must be done. When you start doing it, you start the momentum of getting the highest value task done.

Simply Start Doing It – Right Now

The only right time to start getting that highest value task done is “right now”. Yes, if you just start it by doing what you can do to get one highest value task done then you are on the right track. You need to be actually doing it and keep on doing it no matter how big the temptation to do something else. You won’t have enough time for anything else which are less than the most crucial task. Simply start it right now without any distraction. Eliminating all kinds of useless distraction is then the key strategy to keep on focusing on your highest value tasks that must be done right now.

How to Eliminate All the Distraction

Distraction can be costly, not just to yourself, but to others as well. That is why it is crucial for you to start getting it done toward the completion right now. What does it means “toward the completion”? Toward the completion means totally completed is a full package, not partially completed. When you work to write a book you work until the book is published and marketed successfully. When you work on the whole package that enable you to reap the real benefits from your works. When you write articles, then you are not only writing them but also but also publishing them to make them available to the public so that others will receive benefits from your articles, and you can be greatly rewarded with substantial income from that published articles. Of course you must doing your part to protect the copyright of your writings.

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