The Golden Key of Enjoying True Happiness

The Golden Key to Enjoy Happiness

Human are social being that have both emotion and logic in their desire to be happy and fulfilled. There is something that you can do right now to start feeling happy instead of waiting for something to happen to be happy. The hope for happiness is the energy of motivation that can shape your life for the better.

Happiness is a state of mind. The source of happiness is in the way you run your thoughts. Better perception about the meaning of life will create true happiness. Happiness should come from within yourself instead of from the external sources.

You learn English or any other lessons because you want to create a better life both now and in the future. Time is your ultimate resources and therefore you need to start focusing on things that can transform your life into better one starting right now.

You Will Be Happy When You Make Others Happy

The ultimate source of happiness is when you start paying attention to the well being of others instead of only yourself. The key to prosperity is in giving and not in getting. When you create quality products and services that fulfill the need of others in meaningful ways you are practicing the art of giving. Successful person are those who understand this concept of happiness: It is by giving happiness that you will enjoy true happiness.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you” is the golden key of having real happiness in life.

When you fail to make others happy then you cannot enjoy true happiness. When you focus to make other people happy in a way that empowering others to be a better person then you can enjoy true happiness.

Happiness comes from the fact that you are a totally responsible person who have decided that it is you who are responsible to make yourself happy. When you are 100 % responsible for your own life then you can start the process of developing your life into a better person. Here are the process to make yourself happy in a way that empowering others.


Smiling won’t cost you a dime but this is the fastest way to bright up others world through you. When you smile you make other person feel comfortable and therefore you make yourself comfortable. Smile is the manifestation of happiness the express to others. As you are expressing happiness to others then you feel happy in return.

Ask Empowering Questions

It is said that questions are the answers. When you ask questions you will receive answers. Ask yourself questions: “How to make the most of my time?” and you will get the answer about how you can make the most of your time. Ask empowering questions to others as: “How to succeed in getting this crucial project done?” and you are empowering others with helpful questions to solve problems effectively. Express a genuine interest in others when you ask questions to empower others in meaningful ways.

Listen Well

It is by listening well that build rapport with others. Listen attentively when people speak to you. Listen without any interruption. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. It is by listening well that you build rapports with others. Of course there are time when you need to speak to give presentation. Do not get distracted when you communicate with others.

Be Polite and Respectful

Lean forward when you communicate with others to express guanine interest. Always be respectful, courteous, and show appreciation to the interest of others. Speak as if the person in front of you is the most important person in the world. Others will treat you in the same when you treat them.

Express Appreciation by Saying “Thank You”

Expressing appreciation is crucial part of social life that help you to get along well with others. No matter how small the act express your appreciation to others. Saying thank you will encourage others to do good for you. Make others feel important by saying uplifting and encouraging words as your gift of charity toward others.

Learn By Teaching and Sharing Useful Information

The most effective method of learning is by teaching. When you are learning as your preparation to teach others you can accelerate your learning progress. Instead of learning only for yourself learn to teach others. Share useful information for others so that they feel that they are part of the insiders. Embrace open-door policy it your company to stay in top of the most current of crucial information to make informed and accurate decisions in your business.

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