Train Yourself To Be a Highly Disciplined Person Who Always Get The Highest Value Tasks Done First-Thing-First

Train Yourself To Be a Highly Disciplined Person Who Always Get The Highest Value Tasks Done First-Thing-First

“Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do,
when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”

                                                             Elbert Hubbert


The kind of training which is crucial for you is how to be always a disciplined person. You can achieve your highest value goals if you have the discipline to get things done, persistence in pursuing your goals, never give up under any circumstances, and willing to do whatever it takes to complete all your tasks. It is easy to be drift away by the circumstances, but it takes efforts to go toward the right direction.

Only self-discipline will bring you to where you want to go. You may apply all other principles of success, but without self-discipline, you will still utterly fail. But with self-discipline, all other principles of success will be effective. It is self-discipline that will give you the ability to achieve almost anything. So you need to start training yourself to be a self-discipline person.

The key self-discipline that you should train yourself the discipline to always set your priority right and get the highest value tasks done first-things-first. You may have so many big aspiration in life, but all of those big aspiration are merely pipe-dreams if you don’t have the “character” as a self disciplined person. Now you know this principle then it is crucial to train yourself on the art of self-discipline in your personal and business life.

Self-Discipline Will Open All Doors of Opportunities

Even from the day one you apply personal self-discipline in getting the highest value tasks done you will immediately reap great benefits. Imagine what you can achieve if you have this kind of discipline has become your very character as a person. What your life will be like if your personal character is the kind of person who always get the highest value tasks done first-thing-first based on accurate priority setting.

There are two causes of failure:

1. Taking the Easiest and Most Comfortable Way Without Regard to Priority Setting

2. Doing What is Fun Without Regard to The Long Term Consequences of What You Are Doing

This is two path are the biggest causes of failure. It takes highly disciplined efforts to harvest of both short term and long term fruits of personal success. But most people are taking the most comfortable and easiest way to get what they want without regard to priority setting that certainly create distraction and deviation from highest value goals that should be achieved.

The second paths to failure causes much destruction. There are consequences of even not doing your highest value tasks. Even worst if low-value and even destructive activities has become the habits of someone. The consequences can be on yourself and even others. Take a careful look at your life right now. Are you a pursuer of fun life without regards to the long-term consequences of what you habitually doing? It may be much more difficult to overcome if it has become your habit to always doing pleasing things first-thing-first without regard to the long term consequences of your action.

Make it your first and foremost priority to start integrating personal self-discipline in your life even in small ways to start transforming your life. Start the process of integrating total self-discipline in getting the highest value tasks done first-thing-first as your character. This is not easy but it give you the greatest rewards because you start the momentum to quickly transform your life.

Starting to be a highly disciplined person is difficult but it is millions times worth the efforts because discipline is the root causes of any success. There might be hundreds principles of success but none will work without self-discipline. Discipline is the key that open all other keys. So the first-thing-first to learn when you want to create lasting success is about how to be a highly disciplined person. Make discipline as your character through your habitual thoughts and actions.

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