Use The First 3 Hours ONLY To Get Your Highest Value Tasks Done Successfully

Use First 3 Hours In The Morning To Get Your Highest Value Tasks

Time is your ultimate asset that you should use in the most optimal way. Wasting your time is wasting your most precious resources. It is crucial that you do your best to make the most of your time. The strategy to do this is by focusing the first the hours only to get the highest value tasks done. By doing this you create a great start. The is the key strategy to ensure your success. By making the most the first 3 hours of your time you create the habit of doing highest value tasks first-thing-first in the morning.

Wake Up Early In The Morning

Probably this is the most difficult part. Waking up in the morning is almost impossible if you sleep late at night. For the purpose of waking up early in the morning it is necessary that you sleep a little bit earlier than usual. You still need enough amount of time to sleep. Sleeping deprivation is not good for your health. The choice is yours. You can wake up as usual of course as long as you still have the strength of commitment and discipline to use the first 3 hours to get your crucial tasks done.

Be Highly Disciplined in Your Efforts

Discipline is key to any success. If you are not a disciplined person then you need to start training yourself to be a highly disciplined person. With no discipline you cannot expect to succeed. With a little discipline you can only expect a little success. With total discipline you can expect total success. It is in your disciplined efforts that you can get many highest value tasks done successfully.

Use The Power of Focus and Concentration

Focus can make a big difference in your life. If you get distracted into many trivial matters then you cannot expert to make much progress. You need to make sure that you are totally focused on what matter most. Concentrate your mind, time, and efforts to simply get the tasks done. Do not get distracted to any trivial matters. Of course there are time when crucial emergency comes. Use the accurate judgment to handle emergencies.

Start Solving Your Longtime Persistent Problems

Use the first 3 hours in the morning to solve your most difficult, persistent, and longtime problems. Probably such problems has been part of your life since a long time ago and up until now still part of your problems. This kind of problem is the longtime persistent problems that you should solve immediately right now using this method. Find out which ones of your problems are belong to this category. Focus and concentrate to solve this problem first-thing-first.

Be Totally Consistent In Applying This Key Strategy of Success

If you apply the principle of using the first 3 hours in the morning doing highest value tasks only once in a while without any consistency – then you cannot expect great results. It’s only through total consistency in applying this principle that you will get great results – even the surprisingly great kind of results that you never image before. Apply this principle 5 times a week from Monday to Friday. Of course as a human being you still need resting time on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure that you are totally busy during the first 3 hours in the morning from Monday to Friday in getting your crucial tasks done – successfully.

Apply It As Your Long Term Discipline Efforts Within Weeks, Months, and Years

Certainly you want a totally amazing results out of this disciplined efforts. The answer is quite simple: be totally consistent to apply this principle within weeks, months, and years. The way to be consistent is by keeping notes of your progress. When you see that what you do producing the expected results then you will motivated to continue on. Include progress charts in your strategic planning book and enjoy the charts of progress each time you’ve completed the 3 hours highly disciplined efforts to get the highest value tasks done. Start now to succeed in your life.

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