Use Your Golden Hours to Get Highest Value Tasks Done Successfully

Use Your Golden Hours to Do Highest Value Tasks

Your life is being shape by every of your decision. The better you are in your decision making process, the better your life will be. In a day you make many decision which include what time are waking up from sleep, what foods that you eat, which tasks that you will do, how you will relate with your family and co-workers. These are daily decisions.

There are also long term decision which include the long term goals that you pursue, the career of business that you choose, where you will live, with whom are going to marry, where you will study in university. These are long term decisions. All of your decisions, both short and long terms, are shaping your life.

You need to be careful about your decision about how you spend your time because your time is your life. You also need to make careful decision about how you think because every of your decision is being shape by your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your decisions. Your decisions determine your action. Your actions determine the results that you get. You begin with your thought, then you make decision about what to do, then you reap the results from what you do.

These are 3 things that you must be very careful about: thoughts, decisions, and actions because these 3 things determine the results that you will get. The law of causes and effects governs your life.

Ask Crucial Questions To Get Accurate Answers

Asking questions to yourself is crucial in your decision making process. What is one highest value activities that I must do today to succeed in my life? How can I focus on highest value activities most of the time? How will I employ the discipline to get the highest value tasks done successfully? What is the most important knowledge that I must acquire to succeed in my career and business? How will I govern my thoughts to make the best decisions? How will I shape my future from my daily activities? There are many questions that you should answer accurately to make sure that you are on the right track in how you are using your time.

Exercise the ability to questions yourself to get the best possible answer to those things that matter most in life, for yourself and your loved ones.

Get All The Crucial Facts Before Making a Big Decisions

If you are an English teacher that assume that your current teaching method is the best one. Learn all you can learn about the most effective teaching methods.

If you are a business person don’t assume that you know all you need to know about the business you are in. Learn all you can to be more successful in your business. Read all the great books in your business field. Attend business seminars to learn from those who are already succeed in business. Gather all the crucial facts to be more successful in your business.

If you are a student learn all you can learn to create highest value personal core competencies. Don’t learn just to get good grade in school or university. Learn to create strategic personal core competencies that give you better chance to succeed in your future career, profession, or business.

If you have a great idea you need to test it to check the reality of that idea. Do not make decision based on assumption. Make your decision based an all accurate facts.

Test Your Idea By Experiment It

In this life you will have many ideas. Do not assume that your ideas are facts. Test to see if your ideas are working ideas in the real world. If you find a business idea make an experiment if that business idea is valid in the real world. By not making any assumption you will be able to make better decision.

If your read a book and find a great idea that may help you to achieve the next level in your business – test that idea in the real world. Do not just assume if such idea is true. Test it in the real world the “validate” the authenticity of your idea.

If you are a student do not assume that your current method of learning is the best one. You can always improve your learning process so that you can get better grade. Learn about several learning methods and test each methods to learn its effectiveness for you personally as a person. Which one is the best learning method can be different for each person. Visual person is most effective in learning using visual aids. Auditory person is most effective when learning using audio. Kinesthetic person is most effective in learning using kinetic mode of learning.

If you are a business person, always improve the way you do business. Get the best idea in your list of ideas and immediately test it to see if that idea can improve your business. Do what you can to always improve your business system. Use Kaizen principle to improve the quality of your business system.

Learn From Every of Your Experiences

The motto is not dare to fail but dare to succeed. Your goal is to succeed by testing the accuracy of your ideas before you put them to the market on big scale. Always learn from every of your experiences. Remember that there are no failure but only results that you can learn from. You the results are not as what you expected then you need to change or adjust your action so that you can get the desirable results.

You have the golden time that must be use only to get highest value tasks done. Do not use your golden time to do low value tasks. Your golden time must only be allocated to do highest value tasks. You waste your time when you do low value tasks during the golden time. The golden time of a business person is during the business hours.

Always be prepare for your golden time. Plan ahead of time during the night so that you use ALL of your golden time to do only highest value tasks. Failure to plan ahead during the night will lead into failure to do highest value tasks during the day. Before you go to sleep at night be sure to prepare all that must be prepared to make sure that you use the golden hours only to get the highest value tasks.

If you are a salesman your golden tasks are prospecting, presenting, and closing. These 3 things are most effective done during the business hours. If you use the business hours doing something else but not prospecting, presenting, and closing then you are wasting your precious time.

This is the key strategy to success: use your golden hours to do highest value activities. Focus and concentrate to use your golden hours to make sure that you succeed by investing your golden hours to get highest value tasks done successfully.